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KAI THO xD kyungsoo is just jealous. Beakhyun you asshole. Chanyeol you pervert.

EXO as an exchange students

I would love to shower with you, Tao! xD And Lay, what the actual fuck xD I like all of them lol

How EXO would break up with you......  omg Yixing lol #EXO

kekeke well its sad if EXO breaks up with you but sometimes it sounds silly if you break up with them or they break up with you

Ah, the English/Engrish of EXO

kekeke i tried reading this aloud and i ended up RLABing keke so thats the challenge~! Try reading this without laughing keke fighting! But cute ENGRISH though~! I EXO!


Not completely accurate however. He put several in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan. So basically just all over Asia.

i hate this and i hate y'all

i hate this and i hate y'all <<< I ship Kaisoo but this is just too hilarious to not pin XD

keke mine is Luhan gave me flowers beacuse we are married..... MARRIED!? Wow~ yehet~ kekeke anyone comment your results?? keke  Its so close~ Lay is behind Luhan~ Mew~ aigo~ well its ok keke

EXO Birthday scenarios Luhan hugged me because he likes my aegyo☺️<<<< lay cuddled with me because he loves me