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This breaks my heart. even more so that Blake went back to Beacon to their dorms

Weiss looks so trapped and under pressure, and Blake went back to their beacon dorm.

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*dies* I know this is sad but just look! The animation changed so much and it's amazing! >>the animation did get better but all I can think of in this post is oohhhh the feels

Rwby jaune and pyhra

[Image - 849122]

I expect Jaune x Pyrrha to happen by the next season!<< you poor, poor naive young soul.

This made me cry more than it should've

“You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Ruby's mother, Summer Rose, was a huntress. Summer disappeared when Ruby was still a child, believed to .

RWBY- Blake and Adam by dashingicecream.

It was Beauty killed the Beast.

RWBY- Blake and Adam by dashingicecream.<< I want this to happen bc its so perfect