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Knife Blade Styles - Blade Grinds - Acknowledgements to Spyderco Inc. Golden, CO, USA - Beautiful DIY

Blind Horse Knives explains the different grinds for a knife and how to choose the right one. Explains hollow, flat, saber, scandi, and convex.

Are you lucky if you can tell the sharp side of the knife from the dull one? Well, pay attention because Blind Horse Knives is about to drop some knowledge on you. They have an entire page on their…

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samurai sword internal design layers function handle katana tsuba blade hamon tsuka

The methods used for forging the samurai sword were so intensive that CARBON NANOSTRUCTURES formed.lending to the swords legendary strength-internal design layers function handle katana tsuba blade hamon tsuka


CAS knives - Claudio Alejandro Sobral y Ariel Ricardo Sobral, José León Suárez…

Making a survival knife from a saw blade.

The more skills you discover, the more self reliant you are and the greater your opportunities for survival ended up being. Here we are going to discuss some standard survival skills and teach you the.

"Sharper than a double edged sword" imagine if there was a sword with every page of a holy book within the folds of the blade.

Folding Steel for Sword Blades - Not including Highlander, there really are stories of Japanese bladesmiths who would fold a billet over 200 times!

How-To: Make decorative "mosaic" pins for knife, tool handles

How-To: Make decorative "mosaic" pins for knife, tool handles

Pat Percival of NorthCoast Knives posted this simple phototutorial demonstrating…

Katana steel welding brique - location of various steel types when welding the basic steel before building the sword.

Katana brique - Japanese swordsmithing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia