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Nos llenamos de #momentos a los que podemos volver una y otra vez y sentirnos igual de felices. #Viajes #viajeros #Turismo #Cosadeviajeros #Recuerdos

to sit on a street in Paris staring at the Eiffel Tower.What a wonderful thing that would be.

Eiffel Towel as a pair of scissors.  Beautiful.

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It's true.  I love everything about Paris.

A Bad Day in Paris is Still Better Than a Good Day Anywhere Else Digital Print 11 x 14 World Travel Quote French Print via Etsy

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France. I have already been once, but I would love to go back!

22 Places You Must See in France

One of my favorite pictures ever. My favorite things: cherry blossoms, Eiffel Tower in Paris, pink, beautiful photography.

Bir şeyin öldüğünü ve özgür olduğunu düşünürsün ve sonra onu içine çöreklenmiş sana gülerken bulursun.Sylvia Plath ~ Johnny Panik ve Rüyaların Kutsal Kitabı

Love this gorgeous black and white shot of a girl in Paris. The blurred Eiffel Tower is fantastic. What a marvellous picture.

Winter in Paris


Paris in winter.didn't love France, but any place covered in snow is pretty :) and I'm hoping I can go to Paris to redeem France one day

Bakery in Antibes, France  This is actually what it looks like. Need to go back.

Côte d' Azur - Monaco - Bakery in Antibes, France This is actually what it looks like.