Thats it honey! Lead the team and break peoples low expectations on you!

They work so hard to get where they are. They truly deserve good things

What is he even doing???


As the photographer I wouldn't be mad - two handsome boys are better then one xD

I remembered EXO Showtime when it was Chanyeol's incoming birthday and poor maknaes have to deal with him buying gifts XD

BTS had to buy presents for their secret friend, and Hoseok got Suga but was paired with Suga to get their presents so spent the entire thing wondering how he could convince Suga that he wasn't buying his present

how many times do i have i tell y'all, jimin is evil

Jimin is literally chocolate chips cookie irl size.and god damn I need one a sap That boy is rude

Jiminnie it's okay u look absolutely adorable with cute, fat, smol baby hands

He's a real life prince. WHO'S HIS PRINCESS??>>>*whispers* trick question he's also the princess))

He's a real life prince. WHO'S HIS PRINCESS?>>>*whispers* trick question he's also the princess))

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here I am trying to live a sin-free life and then you go and do that. It's always the ones you trust who hurt you.why must you inflict such pain on me! On another note what good deed must I have committed to be blessed in such a way!