Una giovane donna sui pattini insieme al soldato da lei amato. (Anni '40). Autore sconosciuto.

A young woman on roller skates and her soldier honey, Pearl Pearl Liu Williams


Way to go best bud helping out your friend's short sweet heart! Picture shows a woman (Martha O'Driscoll) Kissing a soldier good-bye before leaving for WWII. She is being held up by another soldier and kissing a boy through the back of a truck.

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La vida en el sur de California (1969-1982) Skaters, playa y juventud

vintage everyday: Stunning Photographs, Taken by a Punk Rock Record Producer, Capture Southern California Coastal Life from the through the early

Roller skates - Click a cheek for a great product for your skates! ;-)

Pretty roller girl skating with kids, ca.

“Radical” Rheilly & Damsel; Hermosa, California, 1970s © SPOT

Scating in the “Radical” Rheilly & damsel;

College girls on bicycles stopping to chat with cadets, 1945

bygoneamericana: “College girls on bicycles stopping to chat with cadets. Connecticut, By Nina Leen ”

Disco skating

Couple Roller Disco Dancing at Xenon

Beach town, 1940s

Beach town, should have a beach town today comparison photo

(via 1940s Lovers)

Street Fashion, Young couple, her slip showing?

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handcrafted in virginia - nickdrake: James Dean & Liv Tyler Times Square.

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Helmut Newton, French Vogue Who wears an evening gown and furs on the street? I would, gladly. I Cool Couples

Oops! Roller skating in the early 40s

Girl in Skating Ring, photographed by Nina Leen c. and white

rollermania  45 photos de roller vintage des années 70 et 80  2Tout2Rien

rollermania - 45 photos de roller vintage des années 70 et 80

Roller Girl in Sailor Outfit - Rollerskating near Navy Ship - San Diego California


Old fashioned love i want a romance like this. vintage clothes, rowboat, romantic boy, love it all. I particularly like the leg over the oar!

En la vida todos somos mosaicos - con los pedazos de la luz, el amor, la historia y las estrellas pegadas entre sí con la magia y la música y las palabras ~ Anita Krizzan  In life We are all  mosaics - with pieces of light, love, history, and stars  glued together with magic and music and words ~ Anita Krizzan

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