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Furthermore, the cats could expand a winter coat (usually on the torso and end) that they reduce once the climate becomes warm again.

The American Bobtail’s coat does not usually Stand or mat as Long as you brush or comb a couple times weekly. You will notice that the cat sheds more in the spring and fall,...

5 Facts About American Bobtail Cats You Have To Know

* * PERSIAN: " If yoo trust in yerself and yer dreams; yoo willz still getz beatin' by de peoples who spent der time workin' hard and learnin' things and weren'ts soes lazy.

* * " We gotta starts explorin'. Yoo goes first." ---------------------------------[2ND KITTEN:"Noes, yoo goes first and me willz follow."

Amazing Cat Island in Japan

Crown Princess Kateland, the first of the Catsford Dynasty with her brother Prince Clark.