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A wee bit of steampunk art to make your day. Escape Plan B by Michael Dashow. Do you think the bananas will work?

FASCINATING STEAMPUNK WORLD - The attraction to nostalgic and archaic settings and to the futuristic elements of science fiction have always been popular in media. From fantasy novels featuring medieval politics, to science fiction videogames that discover and explore new worlds, to the language and costumes used in historical films: many are fascinated by time periods they can never experience. Over the past thirty years authors have been trying to combine the past with the present...

25 Creative Examples of Steampunk Concept Artwork

Steampunk Wallpapers - Album on Imgur

Steampunk Wallpapers

Steam Bull (Legendary photo) fantasy, bull, steampunk, train, train station by Dmitriyfilippov

Watch Castle

Alexander Jansson Fairy Tale Worlds Design Stack dot com "Professor Grunvald Boltenharrer's Laboratory"

Der Steampunk-Piraten Zombey, passend zu seinem derzeitigen Minecraft-Projekt namens SKY. Von vor einer Woche, hab ich bisweilen nicht auf deviantART hochgeladen. ^^" Auf meinem YouTube-Kanal ist b...

Zombey: Steampunk Pirat by Tomatenpflanze