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1978 Ford Mustang II Hardtop

Vintage Ford Mustang II Ad - I had a black with red vinyl top and red/white checked seats. My first car but I don't have that "wish I'd never sold it" because it was such a putt putt car, had to lean forward going up hill.

paperink id:116 ORIGINAL Period Magazine Advertisement. Ad measures approximately 8" x 11". You are purchasing a paper advertisement removed from a magazine and not the product shown in the AD. Outsta

Ford MUSTANG II Ghia 1975 Sport Car Promo Ad

1974 Mustang II - Mustang was never meant to be in the compact car market and killed its sales during this time.

My first car...1976 Mustang II - I wanted a 66 but my Dad wouldn't allow it. Considering he paid for it, i got the 76!

My first car was a 1976 Mustang II, mine was black w/black interior though.

1984 20th anniversary edition I learned how to drive on this car. Nice way to get going when I was 16

1984 Ford Mustang convertible anniversary advertisement (showing the GT 350 convertible Anniversary Edition)