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Awesome Doctor Who Wanted poster by ~jacqui-kate on deviantART

I loved all of the little jokes about America throughout this episode

Its funny how he is a good guy from america in the British show. But the bad guy from hell/Britain in the American show. Mark sheppard everyone

Guess Doctor Who. This is the most   fantastic thing ever!!!! I need this now. Maybe I'll make it my   self.

Guess Doctor Who

Guess Doctor Who. This is the most fantastic thing ever! Maybe I'll make it my self.~ except I would feel the need to play with another whovian and would continually stare at the angel or "forget"my question.

Let's Get Down to Business...! Bonus points if you sang along to this in your head.

Let's Get Down to Business

Mulan meets Doctor Who. lol this is so funny! I remember this Mulan song, this is a funny take on it! Now all that's needed is David Tennant or Matt Smith singing this song!

One of my single most favorite quotes from Dr. Who

26 Reasons "Doctor Who" Fans Are The Best

I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes. The dream of improbably dreams. --Thinking of getting "Dreamer" as a tattoo on my wrist. If my wrist were bigger I would consider "Optimist, Hoper, Dreamer"

I look love this so much! It made me cry! It captures everything I love about Doctor Who!

We need heroes who fix things, who come to help, and who have "extra heart". not heroes who blow up stuff and surprise themselves on the rare occasions that they feel for someone else.

Hahaha, that makes this story line so weird. . .

how i met your mother… Doctor Who style. this is the best thing I've seen in a while

Dee, I learned a lot from this, but I have to go back and watch the other episodes now. :)

Doctor Who infographic

Who Info-graphic listing all doctors past and present as well as facts about the doctor.