John Watson's jumpers

John Watson's jumpers This is so sad. Who did this I need to have a talk with you!

Andrew Scott

Brilliant acting, this can be somewhat accomplished at home if you can concentrate on dilating your pupils to get that murderous glint.

On a scale of Lestrade to Mrs. Hudson, how well did you handle seeing Sherlock again? I went from John-to-Anderson-back-to-John-then-to-Sherlock.

One day blogging won't be enough... One day we'll be investigating a body and Sherlock Fandom will be the ones who put it there...

Right everybody calm down, Doctor Who has many seasons and half of them you can't watch on TV. At least you can watch yours Sherlock fandom.

The three fandoms that were destined to rule tumblr and the internet

This is actually so accurate for me it hurts, started with Sherlock, currently making my way through doctor who and have already set aside time this summer to start supernatural! I'm Doctor Who, Sherlock, supernatural!

Except at first I thought the Mary and John were referring to Mary and John Winchester, so I got confused about the Baby Watson.

Sherlock's face makes this awesome << When does his face NOT make something awesome? <--Just because I want to keep the awesome comments. And I feel the baby should say "Sherlock" instead of "murder", or maybe "cases".