state of denial

Ooooooo watch out for my family members. They live in this state and have vowed never to leave the State of Denial. I explained to them Denial is not just a river in Egypt, but they didn't get it!

"D.E.N.I.A.L. Didn't Even Notice I am Lying" by @Dr Melanie Greenberg. The No Excuse Revolution continues!

L - Didn't Even Notice I Am Lying- The denial of acting out behaviors in sex addicts is so strong that some sex addicts can live in this state for years without wanting to stop their compulsive behavior.

Stay always true to urself!

You keep lying to yourself making up all these things about me that arent true when all u had to do was let go of your fear and realize that i have never wronged you and never will

May I just say this is perfect for Jamilton? Okay bye

((I can't decide which would be Norma and which one would be Lee /shot))