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Behold the giant skull sculpture titled Very Hungry God by Sudobh Gupta. It's made out of hundreds of kitchen utensils, pots and pans. The kg (about one short ton) sculpture is now on display at the Frieze Art Fair in Regent's Park, London

Skull watch of Mary Queen of Scots

Skullz Obsessed / Mary Queen of Scots’ Watch: Large skull watch given by the Queen to Mary Seton. The forehead of the skull is engraved with a figure of death between a palace and a cottage, and a quotation in Latin meaning ‘pale death visits with imp

alligators Made From Recycled Car Parts - super cool!

Steampunk Alligators--by James Corbett - Australian artist creates sculptures from old car parts salvaged from scrap yards

Sayaka Ganz

Sayaka Kajita Ganz is an artist that creates amazing unique sculptures made from a different plastic pieces like spoons, forks, toys and similar. She creates sculptures of different animals from a thousands of plastic pieces.

Las Fotos Mas Alucinantes

Affairemortal: Утренний чай, (Morning Tea) by Serge N. Way cool photo.

unusual art | ... Prototyping & 3D printing technology used to create unique artwork

"Crania Anatomica Filigre" by Joshua Harker. Created with a printing process from a high resolution image.

B♠nes ☠ - Steel Wire Sculpture by Tomohiro Inaba

Artist Tomohiro Inaba's steel sculptures are amazingly beautiful. His complex artwork seems to start off as an ordinary sculpture and finishes into nothing more than tangle of steel wires.

Markus Linnenbrink. SKULL 3 & 4 – lifesize painted teaching skull, 2011. Epoxy resin and pigments.

Colourful World of Markus Linnenbrink

This skull is awesome. The use of color and the movement that is present in each drip is amazing. SKULL 3 & 4 – lifesize painted teaching skull, Epoxy resin and pigments.

Kitchen Utensil Sculptures by Sayaka Kajita Ganz via Apartment Therapy

Kitchen Utensil Sculptures by Sayaka Kajita Ganz

Sayaka Ganz- "Emergence" Sayaka Kajita Ganz is a Japanese sculptor who now resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Amazing sculptures made from recycled materials.

3)Peki bunu nasıl niteleyelim?  Bu fotoğraf ölüm. Hiç kaideli olmayan bu kendimce akıl yürütmeme dayanarak rahatça ölümün kötüyü ve çirkini çağrıştırdığını söyleyebilirim. Üstelik bu savımda yalnız da değilim.

awesome idea for halloween decoration / skulls painting by cindy wright Kind of pirate like

Degenerating skulls

Sculptural works of Brooklyn artist Matthew Day Jackson that confronts ideas of death and mortality.

Deus Ex Machina by Alain Bellino www.creativeboysclub.com

Now this is wild.Deus Ex Machina - Alain Bellino sculpture Sculpture / Steampunk / Mechanical Art

"Working in multiple mediums Berlin based artist, Clemens Behr, truly stands out when he’s creating installations outside.  The artist Uses a mix of both recycled and basic building materials to work in spaces." - juxtapoz.com

Clemens Behr

Big Skull art installation by Clemens Behr in Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany

loaded and tied ... horrible feeling ..♥

Amazing artist Celeste Roberge made this amazing sculpture correctly portraying grief.