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Once Upon A Time on

Once Upon A Time on

Zelena - 5 * 22 "Only You" and 5 * 23 "An Untold Story"

Rebecca Mader as Zelena / The Wicked Witch of OZ ⛪

Awesome Emma (Dark Swan/One) on an awesome Once poster for awesome Once

Regina and Rocinante, whose heart she tried to use to enact the curse, the thing the evil queen loved second most.  Always sad to me that she doesn't ride anymore

Her Majesty, Queen Regina Mills on "Once Upon A Time" 💅 Lana Parrilla

Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West - Rebecca Mader in Once Upon a Time Season 3 (TV series).

Zelena in Oz, I would still love to know the rest of what happened with Glinda trying to stop her from being wicked

"When the Dark One offers you onion rings... Don't eat them!" - Zelena, Robin and Regina #OnceUponATime

"When the Dark One offers you onion rings." - Zelena, Robin and Regina