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Me. Everytime. (And I mean, seriously, I'm going to be a Senior in college and we STILL have to do this....why??!!)

They only thing worse is realizing that I’m going to be the last one. More Memes

Getting so stressed about a social situation you become too exhausted to go. | 20 Reasons It Sucks To Be An Introvert

20 Reasons It Sucks To Be An Introvert

I am always early but I still wait until two minutes before time. Then I go in and try to feel like it wasn't the worst when everyone else is late.

If you replace "iphone" with "book" or "phone", since I don't have an iPhone, then this would be me every time.

Does this happen to anybody else or am I just crazy?

Oh, socially awkward penguin, you never cease to amuse me. Most likely because I can relate to every single one of your memes.

Sometimes I really hate myself - http://www.callcentermemes.com/sometimes-i-really-hate-myself/

Socially Awkward Penguin - awkward conversation have regretful flashbacks about it for the rest of the day

FRENCH HORN MEMES image memes at relatably.com

hahahahahahahahaahahahah this is my life right meow - has imaginary argument gets real mad - Socially Awkward Penguin