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The Scottish favorite....Everything else from a sheep that has not found a home yet. The lungs, heart, stomach and the sac to stuff it in with the three staples of Scottish culinary seasonings: Oatmeal, salt and pepper! Surround it with Kale and place on a fine tartan cloth. Stab it with William Wallace's dagger and 'ere ye gooh! If it's not Scottish it's edible!

Here is an easy haggis recipe sure to please anyone with a love for haggis.This easy haggis recipe consists of a sheep's stomach stuffed with.

Statement made by William Wallace (the real one) before the Battle of Falkirk (21 July 1298); as quoted in The Story of England (1909) by Samuel B. Harding

Sir William Wallace was a Scottish landowner who became one of the main leaders during the Wars of Scottish Independence.

Highland Cathedral.  By the third repeat, I'm looking for someone to fall in love with.

Catherine The Brave: Masz Ci człowieku dudziarzy/Freakin' bagpipers - I love them! A story about bagpipes and Seamus Ennis

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☘☘ Ïŕἶŝђ €ƴẻŝ Ꭿŕẻ Ꮥ๓ἶℓἶภ' ☘☘Ꭿℓℓ Ʈђἶภɠŝ Ïŕἶŝђ☘♧♣♧♣☘ ~ Very true-Irish girls are…