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Crimson Mage Art

Crimson Mage -MTG by IzzyMedrano on deviantART - Inspiration for Sirius, for when he is royally pissed.


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james-wu-shinia-the-pyromancer-thief.jpg (1920×2702)

f Warlock Leather Cloak Daggers tavern urban farmland forest hills mountains rough underdark james-wu-shinia-the-pyromancer-thief.

Rousha Ar-adasha, human mage (mainly the body, fire and spirit lores) from the Harkoro plain, performing a incantation dance in the Verija forest.

f Wood Elf Sorcerer underdark dungeon"Dancing in the flames that would surely kill those who approached it, coated in mage tattoos, they were sure she was insane.