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The Kessel Run [Cannonball Run Spoof Movie Poster]

Old Red Jalopy created a great poster concept for The Kessel Run, a Star Wars themed spoof of The Cannonball Run, based on the legendary smuggler’s route that Han Solo made with the Millennium Falcon in “less than twelve parsecs”.

Star Wars propaganda posters

Propoganda Posters for Star Wars The Old Republic by Peter-Benjamin Klestrup, via Behance - good timing (Y)

obi wan joke

it must have cost you an arm and a leg. Bwahaha star wars vader and ben kenobi shameless nerd.

Movie Posters Get The Zombie Treatment

Matt Busch's vision of "Star Wars" turned into "Zombie Wars," which takes place "a long time ago in a graveyard far, far away." The undead versions of Luke and.

Han Solo

This could qualify for geekery, but there's an actual message here. When pushed: life, love, work. push back. Fight, and give it your all! Even if it seems hopeless. We show our true character when we are at our most vulnerable.

Brian Miller

Super Rad STAR WARS Art Collection

Crush the Rebellion by Brian Miller - Star Wars fan art - it's Star Wars but oh well I want it!

MINION FACTORY: The Star Wars Universe Conquers The Movie!

Faux Star Wars Movie Poster: Magnum Force starring Han Solo as Dirty Harry

This decision tree by Onlineschools.org guides you through possible career  paths you might be suited for in the Star Wars universe. My choices led me  to "Sith Apprentice," but to be fair I did found a site called GeekTyrant.  I had a lot of fun working my way backwards to see what choices lead to  each. Let me know what you got in the comments.  H/T: Geek X Girls

What STAR WARS Job Would You Have?

Funny pictures about Star Wars Career Path. Oh, and cool pics about Star Wars Career Path. Also, Star Wars Career Path.