AT: Winter Breeze by on @DeviantArt

An Art-trade with wonderful ThePakshi. Her character gave me chilly feeling, so I really had to draw lot of snow and mysterious atmosphere. This was rea. AT: Winter Breeze

No desesperes en la espera Acurrúcate en tu alma Que la primavera es promesa Y tu misión es expresarla ...

-Eona: Stands quietly lonesome after the encounter with the human, sniffs the air as the snow falls down silently across the land. listens still for other wolves, but fails to hear even a huff, lowers head and continues walking on.

.:Red Glory:. by on @DeviantArt

A belated birthday gift for ❤❤❤❤❤❤ She is just an amazing person and always has a way of cheering me up~  not to mention she's an awesome artist and h.

Kian by on @deviantART

Long time no post. I have been working simultaneously on a few larger pieces, one being a group picture of mine and two of my friends characters. It's been taking me a little while ho.

Lucivar/M/Black Cliffs Pack/Illusion/Brother to Spectra, Son of Aradia/mate to Lorelei, Father of Shadow, Xaos.

Wolves / (no more hiding by on @DeviantArt)

Always when I see jamzenn we talk how we should make an art-trade.) ago I remembered our talk, send a note to her and here we are. Her fursona Jojo.

Tern by Atenebris

Marah, a powerful, and dangerous hellhound. She lives in the wild, and even the werewolves fear her. She is dangerous, and powerful. She tends to kill for pure fun She and even kill the unkillable. she has two different colored eyes.