David Boreanaz + 2 dogs (Damn, gotta find me a man like this!)

David Boreanaz and TWO doggies! (zomg, /dies)David Paul Boreanaz (born May is an American actor. Since fall of he has played Seeley Booth on Bones.

David Boreanaz - Good Lord, could this man be any hotter?!

david boreanaz- Italian, Slovak Irish, German, French, and Swiss Heritage

David Boreanaz was discovered while walking his dog.

David Boreanaz and his pup Buddha. (Paw-fect name for his pup as they share the "spirit of kindness and compassion")

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David Boreanaz is one of my oldest celeb crushes since the buffy & angel days


Actor David Boreanaz ~ best known as characters Angel & Seeley Booth

Ha! Angel could squash Edward.    Pinned from photobucket

Oh boy. He started the sexy vampire trend! David Boreanaz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Bones)

David Boreanaz, dark and brooding

Babes From The We Should Never Forget David Boreanaz Long before Edward Cullen, there was Angel. He's the OG vampire hottie. He did not sparkle, but he did illuminate our hearts, and we definitely found ourselves wishing we were Buffy.

david boreanaz + vest = yes.

Wallpaper and background photos of David ;) for fans of David Boreanaz images.

David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz Photo: David Boreanaz and Jamie Bergman in the Jan/Feb issue of Statement Magazine

David Boreanaz

Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel) Season One before he started looking like an aging vampire.

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27 Reasons Jared Leto Was The Absolute Best Person During All Of Awards Season

David Boreanaz giving advice…

David Boreanaz giving advice…

Funny pictures about David Boreanaz giving advice. Oh, and cool pics about David Boreanaz giving advice. Also, David Boreanaz giving advice.