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Sophia Loren's confidence and feminine, seductive style seen in these amazing pictures. #FIB #ICONS #SophiaLoren

Sophia Loren's timeless style, she is at the end of the day always my icon. Her beauty is timeless and her confidence is unreal. If I was even an eighth as beautiful as she is I would be set for life Más

Zigzag fashion

Fabric looks like my vintage cream summer dress. Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll looking like she just stepped out of a fashion show (photograph by Bassano, is style regardless of the age

Balenciaga as shot for "Vogue" October 1963 by photographer Karen Radkai.

Fur Hat, Ensemble by Balenciaga, photo: Karen Radkai, Vogue 1963

Soup Kitchen Suave. Lovely. Use mashed potatoes and gravy, mash against side of face. Blow dry with hairdryer. Go to soup kitchen, lean head to reveal your own personal stylish plate. Lean gracefully, food will fall down your face, but fashion is fashion. You will feel better than the others, a self esteem builder. Not ideal for soup, however.

Horst P. Horst, Study in Ivory for Saks Fifth Ave. New York, 1983 This as vintage-inspired back then.good fashion makes a comeback.great fashion comes back again and again and again

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"Je ne fais pas la mode, je suis la mode" -Coco Chanel ("I do not do fashion, I am fashion.

Ahead of the time: John Rawlings' work is futuristic and curious and appeared in American Vogue, March 1943

Iconic Vogue photography is now available to buy from online archive

Gentleman's hats

A Gentleman's Hats. There we go, someone finally knows the difference between a Fedora and a Trilby.

love this fashion image...photography by Nikola Borissov

love this fashion image.photography by Nikola Borissov love this fashion image.photography by Nikola Borissov

Flashback 40's Style - One Style at a Time

Classic and feminine Vogue, April 1951 vintage fashion style photo print ad wasp waist dress wiggle sheath polka dots hat gloves shoes