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You can see the happiness drain out of them I'm gonna go crawl in a hole and die now bye.

what will season 10 be like. << the differences for both Sam and Dean from season 6 to 7 is so sad! :"( You can just see how much they aged between one season

The evolution of the Winchester boys...  #Supernatural #Sam #Dean

This is so true! Jensen hasn't changed a bit! I want Jared to cut his hair, it's longer than mine!<--- I love how when you see a supernatural pic/gif you can totally tell what season its from biased on Sam's hair

I gotta say something to you  What? #SPN #Dean #Sam "I'M PROUD OF US"

Dean is being consumed by evil, a deadly need to kill, his own body becoming a demon, and still he fights! He still looks at the one thing in this world that he loves and uses his last breath to praise his brother!

<3 bobby--and this is why his loss affected us just as much as it did Sam and Dean.

I would be the happiest person in the world if my father was the man Bobby Singer was and I want him back.

.Jensen´s eyes Jared´s smile. This is one of the happiest scenes in the entire tv show

I just realised that sam's laugh was true.this episode was in the beginning of spn. Sam lost this adorable laugh during the seasons.this is one of the saddest things in the show