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"Is there life after death. Trespass here and find out." // Well, I find this life too valuable to test it. Besides, only people having the opposite hypothesis will ever find out if their hypothesis was falsified .

(1) Silly Stupid Statuses & Stuff 24/7

Remove the flier.Take a picture if the flier, print it and post it where this one was.

My new 'Women's Flexible Work Schedule' effective now, unless I'm not here until 12 or 1, then it will go into effect, unless I'm still here because I haven't had the chance to go away and let the 'Women's Flexible Work Schedule' take effect. In that case, I may or may not be here all afternoon, but when I do close about 5:30 or 8:00 I may come in as early as 7, but most likely won't be much later than 12 or 1, if I come in.

business hours sign - hahaha so true, i need this sign! Come to think of it, everyone in Mexico needs this sign

Old Dog, Young Dog, Several Stupid Dogs...

Funny pictures about Drive slowly. Oh, and cool pics about Drive slowly. Also, Drive slowly.

I cannot wait until I have this combo (from Pinterest)

"Yeah, seriously, my dog will run under the big chair but the cat bites! My dog will be your best friend but don't cross my cat!

I can't decide what is more funny, the sign or the thought someone was staying and eating all the food...hahaha

"All you can eat buffet not mean all day buffet. You no come stay 4 hour. You eat - you go home" LOL!