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It'll be ok

jpg yeahyeahyeahhh, slapped some color on this one real quick. i'm telling you, college has sucked all my sketching time away. :C Teddy Lupin, Victoire Weasley (c) J.

"I’m cold." Harry glanced down at her words, but Ginny was already moving, stepping around him. "Make room." "Wh-" Before he could protest, Ginny’s arms had wrapped around his middle, and her hands had slid into the pockets of his jacket, joining his own. He exhaled sharply, his breath misting in front of him. "Should’ve been more prepared for the weather." | by Burdge | Harry and Ginny | Harry Potter

"Should've been more prepared for the weather," he told her cheekily, his fingers curling around her much colder hands. Harry felt her cheek press between his shoulder blades as she mumbled in reply. "It's supposed to be spring by now.

Jamesie-poo  James Potter II and his parents

GAH, harry potter as a daddy just makes me all melty and warm inside. cus the feeling is contagious, together now: AWWWW. rowling owns harry, ginny, and james potter.

Hinny, or Jily, have your pick.--->>> Freckles, round glasses, it's Hinny

It’s hard for me to understand How you could die for me When I fall short sometimes If only I could see the way you do.<-- first pinner! --- love this Harry and Ginny! Art by Burdge!

the way i see it, Harry and Ginny would be all into bets. so, when it came to Teddy, Harry would claim that Ted would be a Seeker when he grew up. Ginny would argue of course, that he’d be a Chaser. it didn’t enter either of their Quidditch-addled minds that he wouldn’t play at all (which he doesn’t, in my head). here, Ginny is boosting her chances of being right with Harry’s attention elsewhere.

Harry and Ginny are betting whether James will be a seeker like Harry or a Chaser, like Ginny. whilst Harry is distacted, Ginny is making an effort to win the bet by conjuring up a Quaffle.


by Burdge Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley reading and discussing Rita Skeeter's article//So accurate. Teenage dirtbag stuck in my head now