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Il Rodano e l'Arve si incontrano, Ginevra

Junction of the Rhone (left) and Arve (right) rivers in Geneva, Switzerland. The Rhone is just exiting Lake Geneva. The Arve receives water from the many glaciers of the Chamonix valley (mainly the Mer de Glace) and has a much higher level of silt.



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CONFLUENCE OF RHONE AND ARVE RIVERS, SWITZERLAND In Geneva, travelers can witness the majestic sight of two rivers colliding with one another. The Rhone River starts in Lake Lehman, while the Arve River is fed by glaciers in the Chamonix valley. When the two bleed into one another, it makes for a stunning sight.

Place to go ! In-geneva-travelers-can-witness-the-majestic-sight-of-two-rivers-colliding-with-one-another-the-rhone-river-starts-in-lake-lehman-while-the-arve-river-is-fed-by-glaciers-in-the-chamonix-valley-when-the-two-bleed-into-one-another-it-makes-fo

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A feast for the senses!  Upper Falls, Tat Kuang Si, Luang Prabang, Lao PDR

The Tat Kuang Si Falls is a three tier waterfall about 18 miles south of Luang Prabang, Laos. These waterfalls are a favorite side trip for tourists visiting Luang Prabang.


Giant’s causeway - A magnificent volcanic basalt hexagonal rock formation in Ireland.

Meeting of the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi Rivers in Devprayag, India  These two sacred rivers join to form the Ganges (Ganga) in Devprayag.

Places where bodies of water meet. Alaknanda and Bhagirathi Rivers meet at Devprayag, India .

The Dead Sea | Israel (by Amir Peeri)

The Dead Sea - Israel. The Dead Sea is named such due to the high level of salt in the water left from evaporation, that makes it unlivable to sea life.