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Cianotipia - dimensioni: 24x30 #cianotipia #cyanotype #sunprint #alternativephotography

Cianotipia - dimensioni: 24x30 #cianotipia #cyanotype #sunprint #alternativephotography

Cianotipia su carta pergamena.
This is a how to, what with, what on and how much to use article and though it’s aimed at Cyanotype printers it can be used, with patience with other processes needing coating.

Coating your paper using brushes « Darkroom Photography I am particularly drawn to the edges of this image. From my understanding the photographer used a paintbrush to layer on the developer. However I'm not certain I like the cyan printing method.

Jennifer Glass ~ Cyanotype of vintage gown via "The Contemporary Figure: Past Presence" | ArtweekLA - Art Here Now

March 2015 Cyanotype : Vintage edwardian gown printed directly onto canvas.

Elise Morris, Light's Fall 6.2, 2013, Cyanotype and acrylic on paper, 30x22"

Mixed Media Botanical Prints - Michael Mew

Elise Morris, Light's Fall Cyanotype and acrylic on paper, single blossom coming out of the blue

Cyanotype printing is an alternative photography process that uses sunlight to expose the image. I developed a way of taking the traditional cyanotype process and altering the process so that instead of a normal blue and white print, I could get varied shades of blue, green, sometimes even yellow creeps in. Instead of the end goal of a very tidy and neat blue and white cyanotype, the end goal is a unique, completely imperfect print. Comes in a double mat, 11 by 14 mat; print is 4.5 by 6.5…

I use photographs I've taken in nature as the basis for the imagery. I deliberately introduce moisture into the cyanotype process to achieve unique results. Printed on printmaking paper. Comes in a double mat, by mat;

Papaver rhoeas 1845 by Anna Atkins

Anna Atkins born Tonbridge, Kent , died 1871 Trained as a botanist, pioneering British photographer Anna Atkins developed an interest in.

"Galaxy - Part 2" cyanotype on paper

"Galaxy - Part cyanotype on paper

Hannah Lamb: Ebb & Flow

Today I visited Grimsby to hang my work for the forthcoming 62 Group exhibition 'Ebb & Flow' . For this exhibition I have worked on a sequ.