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220 Alpha Ni digital sci-fi illustration created in Photoshop by Sony artist robotpencil (Anthony Jones) of Irvine, California!

「鉄のラインバレル グラン・ネイドル」の画像検索結果

「鉄のラインバレル グラン・ネイドル」の画像検索結果

アヌビス ゾーンオブエンダーズ - Google 検索

アヌビス ゾーンオブエンダーズ - Google 検索

recon elite concept.... wait... Recon? ...ELITE recon?? as in LEPrecon??? (sorry, the wings just reminded me of AF)

Can we take a moment to not only appreciate how stellar this concept is, but look at those damn mecha WINGS! We may NEED to add those!


The Aleerins were a highly advanced civilization related to the Primordial Fraal who made heavy use of cybernetic enhancements, nanotechnology, and the Hyper Immersion Network (HINet)

Sci fi Stuff dump n stuff - Album on Imgur

Sci fi Stuff dump n stuff

Still better than Pacific Rim

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Next up in Frame Arms, the hit line of original robot model kits based on a core “Frame” skeleton with universal attachment points is an upgraded version of the Zennrai, the TYPE 38 MODEL 1 REMODELING RYURAI!