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Biomech skull

Kind of had to whip this one up the morning of the tattoo day, it was a walk-in client while I was tattooing at Kdays in Edmonton, AB. Tattoo by Samantha Storey out of Capital Tattoos


This hour glass, maybe hanging by chain in the reapers one hand but with the guy trying to claw his way out rather than hands behind head.

So badass

[SR Note: I have no idea if something like this would even have a place on my back piece or not. However, I do think it is a very cool samurai hoshi-bachi kabuki and skull. I'm open to having a discussion.

Melting Ice no Twitter: "https://t.co/kxBprxbeip" .

Melting Ice 🕉 on

~~DIE~~Native Indian ~~RICH~~ Wolf and Feather Head Dress 'Possible Metaphor' The Skull indicates the death of a Native Indian, that wore this Head Dress once upon a time.


Vogue is a fashion magazine and mostly everyone on the cover is someone very famous, likable, and beautiful. This is representing how skinny is supposed to be "in". Its ironic because the skinny girl is dead because she is so skinny