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Valentines Day pictures: Share the luscious love

'Pretty in Pink' Here's a sneak peek at some of my favourite fashion illustrators, all in my favourite shade of blush!

Anna Piaggi Tribute by David Downton

Adieu, Anna

Anna Piaggi and I were sitting in the Hotel Everux, in the Place Vendôme in Paris. The Valentino show had just finished and around us people were dismantling the set and stacking chairs.

David Downton, fashion illustration 1 236×1 600 пикс

Fashion Illustration by David Downton with Emerald & diamond earrings bangle set, I like how he dress blends into the background

I wish you a weekend filled with your favorite things!

Nothing is better than reading on a Saturday in your PJ's with a nice cup of coffee or tea and a treat!

La Vie En Rose #PiagetRose #PiagetRoseDay by @Piaget Huewe

purple magenta pink beautiful reminds me of Fantasia and flower fairy in a delicate fashion illustration way