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【画像】水たまりに映し出された世界が映画のようにロマンティックな件!! | IRORIO(イロリオ) - 海外ニュース・国内ニュースで井戸端会議

Street Reflections turned upside down by Yodamanu Photography is not normally an art form that catches my eye but these are just wicked!


When it starts to rain, you will most likely find French photographer Yodamanu outside, documenting the reflections that bounce off of wet sidewalks and gl

鏡を持つ少女たち。「不思議の国のアリス」を連想させる写真シリーズ「Mirrors」イギリスはロンドンのフォトグラファーVictoria Audouard

Mind-Blowing Theories That Will Change Your Perception of the World" The Alice in Wonderland esk picture caught my attention with the use of fading in areas and the mirror, but then the article held it. The theories really are mind blowing.

Yodamanu aka Man

Eight of my favorites reflections, mostly shot in I feel the series was complete around the end of summer, but I keep on shooting those upside down reflections.

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yodamanu - Photographer Manuel Plantin a. Yodamanu has created an alternative approach to photography with his upside-down perspective.

Streetlights, rainlights.  ❤

Rain Reflections, Barcelona, Spain understanding: five of them tell the story is rainy night. the neon light is reflected and everything will be dim and dreamlike. the colours can be mixed naturally. lights are the important factor in this works.

heart, courage and passion are seldom seen unless in the right light

Shadow Photography black and white - wonderful style by Victoria Ivanova still life Soul of the mustang - Horse / Chess