Hey there I'm Alex. Im not a boy nor am I a girl. I have insomnia, schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression. Also, if I do sleep I have awful nightmares that I wake up screaming from. I lived a rough childhood. My parents abused me and I never had any friends. Except for the voices in m head. I'm pansexual, 18, and single.

Back at it again with the left hand 👍🏻 Leave me makeup suggestions down below ✨

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Cameron, age Loves Super smash bros and plays it relentlessly on weekends. Loves to explore abandoned buildings and drink bubble tea. He studies art, chemistry and psychology at Brighton school for magical beings.


Criedwolves (Oliver Strohhacker/Trip Skylark) "I've pretty much been at the coffee shop all day. I've wasted so much money on coffee hoping that he'll show up." I sigh and put my head on the table I was sitting at.

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Russh August & September 2013 Editorial: How soon is now Model: Bo Don Photo: Nick Hudson source: fashionography

Kristen Stewart Hair Cut

Kristen showed off a fresh new hair cut at the ‘Camp X-Ray’ premiere in New York City on Oct. Get the scoop straight from her hairstylist! If anyone can pull off a short, edgy hairst…