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Lots of people, mostly dudes, were puzzled by the rhythmic gymnastics qualifications that aired on NBC Thursday. But allow your gymnastics experts at The Atlantic Wire to explain see through the sparkle and understand why this is all a lot harder than it looks.

Why Yes, Rhythmic Gymnastics Is a Real Sport: A GIF Guide

This Made My Jaw Drop – Absolutely Insane  This isn't ballet...I don't know what this is.

Must watch. THIS IS INSANE! If you like dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, cirque de Soleil etc, you must watch this.


its gymnastics but

Tickle My Spine

Chances are that I am currently fangirling over Halkina, Vladinova and Agiurgiuculese while crying over russian artistic gymnastics at the same time.

Side Scale Pivot with split with help:  CoP 2013-2016 Difficulty Score = 0.4 performed by Yana Kudryavtseva

Side Scale Pivot with split with help: CoP Difficulty Score = performed by Yana Kudryavtseva