Giant concrete computer keyboard sculpture in Yekaterinburg, Russia! How fun is this?

Artist: Arctic Scream For Upfest - The Urban Paint Festival Location: Bristol, UK


Mal wieder ein bisschen Street Art…

Sean Martindale This project highlights some of the neglected city tree planter boxes that line our busy streets. These planters are generally made of concrete and many are cracked or missing large chunks.

Gartenideen mit Autoreifen deko rasen straße

Here’s a super smart idea for recycling tyres. Turn them into lawn seats. This park in the historic town of Lima, Peru incorporates tyre planters, tyre seats and a children’s playground made up of recycled plastic and tires. How clever is that?


These giant black and white keys made to resemble a typewriter is a work of art! It's practical uses could be for seating and would look great either in a public space or in a private garden setting.

Miniature art Cement Eclipses: Tiny Street Art Sculptures by Isaac Cordal

from German street artist DECYCLE

Little Red Riding Hood - Le petit Chaperon Rouge with red chuck taylor converse and a basket full of graffiti cans - Street Art