I've gotta get the commissioner's approval, but hopefully I'll get this guy colored Phoenix Tattoo Sketch

Phoenix tattoo - I would have it like this, but probably in black, dark blue, or blue-silver on the back of my neck.

Beautiful phoenix tattoo idea, will look awesome in full color! Want this in reds and purples.

ave fenix imagenes - Buscar con Google

Another pheonix design for my thigh tattoo idea. the colours from the other pheonix picture added to this design would look mint.

fenix desenhos - Pesquisa Google:

Edit: Sorry for the watermark, I& had a bit of an issue with art thieves. Edit: Uploaded a better version A tattoo commission of a Phoenix rising from the ashes.


"The Raven" by Lorena Assisi. this is a very interesting drawing. I like how fantastically real it is.