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woops, he proke his necklace xD i worked on this one again and since its months ago it i now had the option to make the new sora out of him i.

Keyblades Wallpaper by reaver570.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This deviation contains EVERY keyblade from Kingdom Hearts including both of the Chain of Memories and Birth Before Sleep games.

Re: Coded wasn't much in terms of plot development, but this scene was really moving to me, even if it was between two data versions of the real people

Might be Sora and Axel but I'm pretty sure it's Roxas and Axel>> Kingdom Hearts

The End by christon-clivef on DeviantArt

Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep. Such a sad parting of ways. I swear the Kingdom Hearts franchise always knows how to pull at my heartstrings (no pun intended)


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I really hope they do something with their relationship in Kingdom Hearts 3

Just meme it!

I really hope they do something with their relationship in Kingdom Hearts makes me cry that they can't be friends as nobodies, and that Isa is now Xehanort

kingdom hearts 358/2 days and 2

quirkilicious: “Kingdom by Quirkilicious Finishedddddddddddddd! That keyblade research though! Oblivion and Oathkeeper were a no brainer but I wanted to include Chaos Ripper, Brightcrest and Lost.

Goofy- the only one without a Honey

Haha, that's too fun

Kingdom Hearts 2 - Well Goffy forgot about his son Maxi (Max not Maxi :)) i hope there's will Max appearance, Let's find out Folks :)