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UT fanart - Alphys x Undyne Nerd GF's chilling~<<is that Pantt and Stocking on the CD

Oh no

Good job frisk 😂, you stop the fight between Asriel, Chara by pushing the closer 😂😂


screeches look at these lil dorks I love them so much w undyne's kitty face is the best Characters are Undyne and Alphys from Undertale (a super fu. Undertale spoilers: Some cute girls on a date

Undertale fanart by Tentakustar on DeviantArt

Played undertale several weeks ago and it was right after the demo that I KNEW I had to do a fan art of this game. Loved it ^ ^ Undertale

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Opinion time~ I love Undertale now. Genocide too). Thank you Undertale, teaching me that.