Beatrix Potter

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Rabbit Dance illustration - Later, the scene was changed to a rabbit playing the cello, surrounded by five dancing rabbits and two rabbits, nuzzle each other - The Rabbits' Christmas Party

'The Tale of Samuel Whiskers or The Roly-Poly Pudding', 1908 -- Beatrix Potter. "The visitor was a neighbour, Mrs. she had called to borrow some yeast." *** Ribby is framed in the doorway at Potter's HILL TOP HOUSE.

" Tante Petitpas, Tante Petitpas, vous êtes très estimable, mais vos enfants sont mal élevés. Ils ont tous fait des bêtises, à l'exception de Plouf et de Rebondi Cochonnet. - Youp youp, soupira tante Petitpas. Et ils boivent des seaux entiers de lait ; il me faudrait une autre vache ! " ~ Rebondi Cochonnet

From 'The Tale of Little Pig Robinson' by Beatrix Potter published by the Folio Society. It's a gorgeous set of the 23 stories, with gold gilded pages, lovely illustrations and a blue case to keep them.

The Tale of Pigling Bland - The owner, Mr. Peter Thomas Piperson, came with a lantern and a hamper to catch six fowls to take to market in the  morning

The Tale of Pigling Bland

'The Tale of Pigling Bland', 1913 -- Beatrix Potter. "The owner, Mr. Peter Thomas Piperson, came with a lantern and a hamper to catch six fowls to take to market in the morning.

Beatrix Potter was behind the creation of The Tale of Peter Rabbit...

Four never-before-seen drawings by Beatrix Potter found

The Tale Of Peter Rabbit launched Potter’s career and is the reason we still celebrate her today


'The Tale of Tom Kitten', 1907 -- Beatrix Potter. "Then Tabitha Twitchit came down the garden and found her kittens on the wall with no clothes on. She pulled them off the wall, smacked them, and took them back to the house.

Beatrix Potter the complete tales in one is a marvellous compendium of her most famous works includes Squirrel Nutkin and the tale of Peter Rabbit

Squirrel Nutkin' is perhaps my favorite character of all the stories. ---- Beatrix Potter, ‘Original illustration for the cover of The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin’ © Frederick Warne & Co.

A Polar Bear's Tale

glyniscordelia: pagewoman: Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny by Beatrix Potter "Preparing for cold weather" Carrying bundles of sticks. Sort of my thing, lately.