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Daily Horoscope Cancer 2017 Description Zodiac Cancer Facts - Yep, we are the crazies lol

you know, I wish this wasn't so accurate

Daily Horoscope Cancer 2017 Description All except the spotlight. Don't need it, I already know my worth!

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Contradiction : SENSITIVE, but one of the most toughest and ruthless people you will come across

I thought it said wifi instead of wit and i was like aw yeah wifi would be helpful bring me with you

Cancer attributes- no matter when your birth date is, every planet and each sign in a natal chart adds to every persons unique personality! So, ask not what you can do for the crab! But what can the crab do for you.

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You may think a Cancer needs your help but its actually just the opposite. They are very self - sufficient. My sister and I are both Cancers, we are both self-sufficient but in completely different areas!