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Robb has promised we can take ballroom dancing lessons when my back/hips are up to it.

Dancing - Paso doble, maybe? #ballroom #dance

10 Tips For Ballroom Dancing For Beginner's. A lot of potential dancers have actually convinced themselves, or let others tell t

Dance Shoes, Dance Costumes, Dancewear, Jewelry : Boutique - Ballroom Gown/Custom Made

Many different types of premium quality dance shoes, ballroom gowns, dresses, purses, and costumes.

Ballroomdancers.com: Learn the Dances

Beautiful artwork by Bill Atkinson on an equally amazing website that is a wonderful reference for ballroom dancers.

A study conducted by Stanford University found that dancing frequently, can reduce your risk of dementia by 76%!!! Our brain constantly rewires its neural pathways as needed, if it doesn't need to then it won't. This is why my mom goes to Oula! OulaFitness.com

"Use It or Lose It: Dancing Makes You Smarter" by Richard Powers. an insightful article that discusses research which implies social dancing can prevent dementia. Makes me love contra dancing more!

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Many dating, engaged and married couples take Latin and Ballroom dance classes together, as they are able to exercise and socialize together and learn romantic partner dances.

Ballroom Dance | Ballroom Dance 2013 Styles and Trends

Ballroom Dance 2013 Styles and Trends