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Kaneki, Touka , Uta, Ayato

This is a gift for a friend of mine with her favorite Tokyo Ghoul characters. I still haven't watched the whole anime so no spoiler please.

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Hey, I'm Alex. I'm 13 and I'm Riley's older brother and I'm Tyler's younger brother. I'm kinda cool, I guess. But Riley gets in my nerves a lot. She's such a crybaby! Most of the time, I'm seen arguin(Cool Pictures Magic)

Ayato kun was found infrount of a school yard. he is 17 and he is a very quiet person. he is shy but is very helpful and playful

Tokyo ghoul | Kirishima Arata,Kirishima Touka,Kirishima Ayato

Tokyo ghoul - Kirishima Arata, Kirishima Touka, and Kirishima Ayato