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{ Justin isn't a bad guy. He's a death sycthe and he worships Lord Death. He's one of my favorites, so yeah- } << In the manga Justin turns traitor. So yes, in that he's a bad guy, but not in the anime.

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Death Note - God complex XD ignore the grammar mistakes, like I'm trying to

Soul Eater ~~ Crona whose gender is a mystery... BTW: Japanese doesn't HAVE gender-specific pronouns. That's an artifact added by fansubbers who can't cope with the repetitive use of people's names.

The top one is Crona's sex so it's what he biologically is. Gender is what YOU process as. Crona has never clarified for us so yes it is unknown. Either way Crona is still my favorite. Right above Kid.

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My otaku issues. Well the last one nah, I tell everyone that I love anime. I am going to study animation!>>> my problem, "When Senpai Doesn't Notice You"

Not to sure what the top one is but others are toradora, zero no tsukima, clanned, and attack on titan

, Toradora, Zero no tsukima, Clannad, and Attack on titan. Tsunderes strike again.

I swear I'm going to cry forever from this show :'

This is the first dead Marco thing that has made me cry.<---- Don't cry it's an Attack on Titan/Avatar crossover

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Omg i was choking with laughter and then i hit hetalia<<< soul eater is my favorite anime and the description fits perfectly<< Death Note also.