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Soccer player problems from soccer players for soccer players. Credibility: Soccer for eleven years And if you have a soccer player problem that you think is so damn funny and just HAVE to share it.

For you competitive people: )

This is so true because I wS playing a game and this girl I accedently hit I the face came and slapped my hand as hard as she could .

Lol we don’t play games but yes, this is them before war, er, I mean, competition

This should definitely apply to soccer, not volleyball. I'd love to see volleyball players play soccer and "destroy people".

And I'm the only one screaming to everyone to open up!! It's like playing with the kindergarten kids...

or when your the only actual soccer player on a team aginst a team full of them. My pe teacher ALWAYS does this and im just like 1 vs You must hate me

Please don't make me sit out!

Reminded me of you

A true volleyball player will always try to get in the game and if not,. At least play with a ball during practice I got a concussion and still played vball for 3 weeks

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I don't play soccer for real but that baby's face is absolutely hilarious!

I can't even count how many times I wished that had happened in gamesalas

Grown men can act like idiots when they play sports. Don't fight with the Ref, it will do you no good. In honor of World Cup.

you're a softball player/just klutzy me when...i have no idea where they come from most of the time

you're a volleyball player when.I have no idea where they come from most of the time.I did this today for a bruise on my elbow.It really hurt.

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One can only do so many drop spins and run all the way across the gym so many times before this happens. It's also how you know it was a good practice.hahahaha that's funny