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studying zoo biology at nottingham trent univeristy. my dream is to live in america, find a cute little log cabin buried in the forest, make it mine and spend my days exploring and studying wolves.

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"The difference between friends and pets is that friends we allow into our company, pets we allow into our solitude." ~Robert Brault We released a video with and Click the link in our bio to check it out.

Patagonia, Chile. Simply beautiful.

Cape Breton (Nova Scotia, Canada) The stunning landscape of Cape Breton makes it a popular getaway in Canada. Popular for its Celtic heritage, the region houses one of the most beautiful drives in the world, the Cabot Trail.

Aslan - I want a giant pictire of this in my room.

Photographer: Wolf Ademeit "Male Lion Portrait" Looks like Aslan to me.

Old lady, old lady puppet, and squirrel in Washington Square Park. Awesome.

Funny pictures about Sweet Puppet. Oh, and cool pics about Sweet Puppet. Also, Sweet Puppet photos.

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♂ Masculine Animals wildlife life photography Gray Wolf Jumping Over Fallen Tree On Snow by Klein Hubert by marquita

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Man was not made to be Lonely- "can't you see,You will always be my Friend Quote-Wind in his hair/Dances with Wolves.

2017/08/06 Wolf and Pup

A Mongolian wolf pup was born April at Zoo Zurich in Switzerland. Zoo keepers had prepared a den (with a hidden camera) for the first time wolf mother, but she used it for only several days. She soon took her pup to different dens the wolves h

"Papa, will the people share our pic?"

mother and daughter. The "mother" looks like a malamute and the puppy looks like a siberian husky?

오늘의 한문공부 266회(7월25일)  君不肖 則國危而民亂 君賢聖 則國安而民治 -六韜三略-  군불초 즉국위이민란 군현성 즉국안이민치  임금이 똑똑하지 못하면  곧 나라가 위태롭고 백성이 혼란스러우며 임금이 어질고 훌륭하면  곧 나라는 편안하고 백성은 잘 다스려진다.  肖;닯을 초,亂;어지러울 난,賢;어질 현,聖;성스러울 성. 마부작침(摩斧作針)

This is a photo series featuring ants as the models. Photographer Andrey Pavlov uses a macro lens to capture the up close and personal lives of ants. Yes, the shots are staged by Andrey, but those are real ants doin’ their thang.