Craftybegonia is using crocheted ropes to embellish totes, bags and purses and to make attractive purse and bag straps.

There are many ways to make attractive straps for bags and purses. Sometimes, a common-looking bag can be "spruced up" by a surprising s.

This is the spoke crochet mandala pattern that Marinke designed. It was contributed anonymously.

Free girlie tulip wrist purse, ideal for loose change and small knick-knacks. #crochet

Your bag needs a pretty handle to complete its beautiful look, why not make a lovely strap? You can save money and have an even more uni.

Braid for strap of Howard Howard Howard Black's purse!

How to make a button hole in tunisian crochet. she is not speaking english but has great placement of her hands so you can see what to do.

For connecting two yarn ends together securely. Or connecting two pieces of fabric.(old ties to weave bottoms for old chairs!