How To Get Perfect Scene Bangs

How to Get Emo Bangs. Maybe you already have the rest of the hair nice and "emo", or maybe you don't want to go all the way yet. Either way, emo bangs are gorgeous and relatively simple to obtain.

• OMG Scene • Blonde/White & Black/Brown Scene Hair <3

• OMG Scene • Blonde/White & Black/Brown Scene Hair <3

Brown /blonde bang. kinda want to do this to my hair.. Except maybe reversed brown and blonde? thoughts? -m

w/ blonde fringe peekaboo highlights. A less drastic fall version would be red instead of the blonde, but I like this color style

asymmetric hair

Discover 15 amazing emo hairstyles idea and embrace the idea to be the talk of the town. emo is a kind of hairstyle that choosing the wrong one can destroy your entire look, so be careful.