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I'll be fine and dandy...just give me some old fashioned candy!

We had these every Christmas at great grandma and grandpa Lehr's house. I ha e the candy jar now :) Hard Christmas candies

Nothing helps me enjoy my "me time" more than a coffee-soaked Keebler Pecan Sandies Shortbread cookie after the perfect dunk. Thankfully, I practice it every day!

The Keebler Elves bake delightfully rich taste into every bite of these melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookies with crunchy pecans.

These were like my mom's. and they hurt to use them! Burned fingers and tangled spikes that dug into your head!

I had this exact set of rollers! (i had them too, and remember burning myself cuz my hair was long and thin)

Remember when it took a key to open?

"Crisco Shortening" Tin Can With Key And Paper Label.used Crisco Shortening in many recipes at the time.

I loved this show

The Carol Burnette Show, a Blast from My Past and One Funny Ass Show with Harvey Korman, Vikki Lawrence, Tim Conway etc!

Uhm.... Ok I'm old.... I remember this.... We played it with floppy discs

Oregon Trail on original Apple Computers. Someone please say they remember this back in Elementary School, besides me!

Clackers.......how many of us smacked our arms with these! Never mind our heads!

The most dangerous toy ever - glass, yes, glass, "clackers" and yes, I had these suckers they hurt if u missed. But fun

Crack for kids!

Old school lids! Pop it up with a butter knife! Nestles Quik hot chocolate & toast for breakfast every morning.

No, they won't.  Lol

We live in my mother's house with her, as caregivers.a corded phone in EVERY room! and I think everyone we knew then had the list of numbers posted on the wall by the phone]

V i n t a g e #beautiful repined by www.MoraApproved.com

vintage barrettes - sweet - reminds me of my childhood. they don't hold hair for shit but they are really cute.

This is even before my time. The personal Jukebox player. They had these at every table.

Table Jukebox - You chose the tune and put a coin in to hear it. They were at each table in a restaurant/diner. There used to be a restaurant in simcoe that had these.

I loved it when Mom let me stick papers together with this glue!!

Remember this glue in elementary school? So messy.I preferred the Elmer's White Paste with the little brush in the top of the lid

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Love me some Shiny Brite ornaments. A bunch of these in Mom's ornaments. I Have a Tree with Vintage Ornaments & Decorations Each Year!

Pink bunny! I want some right now.

Nestle Strawberry Quik powder flavoring for your milk. It came with a little plastic scoop.