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Oh....dam nico.....<<<<<it's demigod humor you wouldn't understand

Oh, my gods. N the funny part is that ANNABETH is all 'no, never not happening' for Rachel to kiss Percy, But Percy is all cool about nico kissing annabeth

The gangs all together....wait! Where's Thalia!?

I don't even care if this never happens, I love it." "Nope, first time!"<<<Jeez Nico I guess I can!

Lol I can just imagine Tyson thinking of his friend rainbow  like right now

Well there isn't rainbows in the deep pit! And why does no one care about Annabeth I mean Grover and Annabeth knew each other for a long time << yeah. But that Persassy~!

Oh my gods XD

Jason would be the biggest shipper and Percy would stare at Will with jealosy "What does Solace have that I don't?" I ship Nico and Will as much as percabeth

imagine how percy will feel when solangelo becomes real <<< He'll probably follow Will around bugging him bout being Nico's type -Poetry Robot.

imagine how percy will feel when solangelo becomes real<<< I like Nico single.

Because his type is sun tanned boys with blonde hair. Sorry not sorry.

When you accidentally put this in your TMI board instead of PJO.<<<he pulled a sherlock haha

We all know nico is a deep sleeper though but besides that I would say accurate

I would say that Nico would have a hard time falling asleep because he's afraid to get nightmares, but once he's in a deep sleep, he's practically dead

Is there anything that needs to be said. ♥ <3 <3 <3 #teamleo

And then you give him one of those cute little peck-y kisses on the cheek and continue to draw. "you know, you're really bad at drawing right?" Leo says knowing it would come out sooner or later. "Well at least I didn't name him Happy" you taunt back.