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Millennium Falcor

The Millennium Falcor (Star Wars / The Neverending Story) - by James Hance Grab it right here! jameshance: Thanks for your awesomely kind words, as always :) Happy Sunday x

Muppet X-men!! Thsi is awesome!!!

Meanwhile, in the world I wish I lived in… (31 Photos)

With Disney owning both The Muppets & X-Men it's within the realms of possibility. It would truely awesome! Which Muppets would you pick to play which X-Men?

Perfectly timed photos - http://www.jokideo.com/

Statue Humor haha I have to do this next time! Is the bear statue the statue at missouri state?

This is adorable

This is adorable

Odee-X the original MicroWave Smurf

Odee-X the original MicroWave Smurf

It's an Awake! Magazine

With the new Star Wars movie coming out soon it becomes evident that many in pop culture worship the series. You can go to Star Wars conventions were people dress up and perform rituals. The dedication of fans can often seem like a modern day cult.

Star  wars cat / gracias @andymalpica

Funny pictures about May the cats be with you. Oh, and cool pics about May the cats be with you. Also, May the cats be with you.