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Mass Effect

Above is my first variant cover for the upcoming Mass Effect: Evolution series by Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller, based on the popular video game. Mass Effect: Evolution Var.

Shepard - Mass Effect  For creating this painting the artist has used a monochromatic scale then used a complementary colour of red.

FemShep - Mass Effect Think at the start this character is drawn using Photoshop software. Then passed on to the games production, it become

art mass effect femshep garrus vakarian Shakarian )^: i wish i had a better reference of garrus' plating so i don't have to wing it v inaccurate

Mass Effect OC - Last Moments by Eddy-Shinjuku.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Mass Effect OC - Last Moments by Eddy-Shinjuku on deviantART Garrus and Shepard

ME3 - A future for Rannoch by *lorna-ka on deviantART

- A future for Rannoch by ~Lornet God I love these guys ; And I like drawing Tali