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Portrait of a Nurse, Hospital de Sangre de Buitrago Madrid, 1936 (Luis Ramón Marín) via realityayslum | Pasa la Vida

Woman serving as a nurse in the Spanish Civil War.Luis Ramón Marín - Portrait of a Nurse, Hospital de Sangre de Buitrago Madrid,

British WWI real photo postcard

This picture is just like the scene form the book of Briony taking care of the wounded soldier Luc Cornet. British WWI photo postcard of an injured soldier and a nurse

... I am extremely bitter that we missed out on the nurse's cape... ... yeah... It's a cape!

Student nurse in uniform, including cape. These ole girls had it right back in the day.their uniform included a cape!the nursing uniform has changed over the years down to a pair of scrubs and some colorful clogs(for me and most I know).